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  • Art For A Cause

    Art For A Cause is a community development project, founded by Socially Africa & A2 Creative.It is a platform to inspire and educate the public using Art as our medium of communication.
  • Break Bread

    We have teamed up with with the guys at Platinum Bakers to donate freshly baked bread and goods to less privileged families in various communities.
Art For A Cause, Second Edition: Inspiring Future Generations.

The second edition of ‘Art for a cause’ took place at St. Paul and St. Peter’s Primary School, Ebutte Metta on October 6, 2016. The initiative, a brain child of Socially Africa is a community development project set up to inspire and educate the younger generations using Art as a medium. Volunteers, supporters, graffiti designers and art enthusiasts who came together to bare their hands on the cause include Osa7, UfoSouth, Tunde Alara and CFunk The children were involved in the process of beautifying their schools in a move that was not only for its artistic appeal but also for knowledge, showing one of the means that children can get to learn even outside the classroom. The excitement of the children was very visible as they participated in different educational games, nursery rhymes and palm inscribed painting on their school wall. The organizers, Socially Africa also gave out educational gift packs that contained ...

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