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Q: What we do and Why we do it?

Our Socially Africa team is made up of Young Entrepreneurs with a passion for community development. We are all about building people, and developing projects that are sustainable. Our goal is to build a generation of leaders and problem solvers, that transcends entrepreneurship and professional success. We want to create and nurture a culture of giving among our communities, because we understand that this is OUR world, not his, hers, or theirs. Rather than spend time blaming the government, we want to create positive changes in our communities. We believe that giving doesn't always have to be financial, and that everyone has something to give - Time, Effort, Love, Money, Knowledge. Through personal contributions and crowdfunding, we execute impactful projects that extend beyond donating to people in need. We take time out to be fully involved in the giving process - spending time with the people to whom we are giving.

Q: How Can I Volunteer ?

Please reach out to us at help@sociallyafrica.com with the subject “Volunteer”, letting us know what project you would like to be a part of, and we will respond with details. As a volunteer through Socially Africa, you can - Control your level of commitment, Choose the kind of organisation you’d like to help (a local group or big charity) and what kind of area inspires you (For example, Child Welfare, The Environment or the Arts), Shape exactly how much time you want to give. Some volunteers registered with us like to devote many hours a week to voluntary work while others may commit a few hours a month. You may have time free during normal working hours or prefer to keep your involvement to evenings or weekends. Some projects are short term and one-off, others will require a longer term commitment. You may consider a trustee role which could involve monthly or bi-monthly meetings. You can specify your preferences when you register.

Q: How Can I Make A Donation ?

You can find the project you’re interested in and click the donation button for direct payments using your card. You can also email us at help@sociallyafrica.com with the subject “Donate”, and we will respond with our bank account details.

Q: Does Socially Africa Support Other Giving Projects And Charities ?

Yes. We are open to supporting/collaborating with Charities and Good Causes that fit our requirements and timelines. You can reach out to us on Partner@sociallyafrica.com

Q: How Can My Company Participate ?

If you’re looking to create various fundraising campaigns so your staff, different offices, or departments can all participate as a team, you can use our online platform, mycharity: water. It's our fundraising platform that highlights who you are as a business and what you're doing to contribute positively to society. 100% of donations will go directly to fund your chosen project and we’ll prove it. When your project closes, you’ll receive a round up report from us. You can reach out to us via email sociallyafrica@gmail.com