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What is our goal in the long run?

Our Socially Africa team is made up of Young Entrepreneurs with a passion for community development. We are all about building people, and developing projects that are sustainable. We sat down one day and had a conversation about how we don’t need to wait till we have millions to give back to the society. We decided not to sit and complain, but to take actionable steps to rallying people together to solve some of these problems.

If nothing else, we want to serve as inspiration to the next generation watching what we do, and how we impact our world, beyond chasing the next job, or working to feed our families. We choose to be known as Do-ers, and not as ‘the generation that failed us’, 'the generation of talkers', or ‘the generation that only cares about popularity’.

"We are the generation that will set off positive chain reactions to motivate and inspire our generation and those after us."

Adaora <span>Mbelu-Dania</span>

Adaora Mbelu-Dania

Osadolor <span>Okunkpolor</span>

Osadolor Okunkpolor

Akinlabi <span>Akinbulumo</span>

Akinlabi Akinbulumo

Seju <span>Mike</span>

Seju Mike

Chief Financial Officer

Beside our founding team, are an incredible team of self-less volunteers that ensure that our projects are executed properly within planned timelines. Our volunteers are the real super-heroes in our story. They take time out of their busy schedules to make every project a success. And then there’s our amazing donors that put their money where their mouth is, time and time again. We understand that resources aren’t easy to come by, and so it takes a special type of person and mindset to give out hard earned funds, and thus we are thankful to everyone that has given/continues to give to our projects, you all are the realest MVP’s, and we cannot thank you enough. P

We are excited about building Socially Africa not by ourselves, but together with everyone who wants to be a part of our journey. Unfortunately, we cannot take on every cause that comes our way, but we promise to take on as many as we possibly can accomplish. Socially Africa is more than a platform, it is home to every person who wants to see a better world. Every person who wants to do more than be a capitalist. Every person who wants to spread love, and share their time with people who appreciate it, but don't know how. Every person who wants to leave the world knowing that they gave back in their own way. We are not an NGO. We are not a Group. We are catalysts for positive change.

Because of our collective effort, many people will have opportunities that they never imagined. People will feel love like they haven't before. People will think differently and be more tolerant to their neighbours. Above all, people will learn to show honest love.