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Teaching people to Be Good, Do Good, and Inspire Good.

Our goal is to build a generation of leaders and problem solvers that transcends entrepreneurship and professional success. We want to create and nurture a culture of giving among our communities because we understand that we have the power to build up our world.

More than an NGO, Socially Africa is home to every person who wants to see a better world. Every person who wants to spread love, and share their time with people who appreciate it, but do not know where to start. Every person who wants to leave the world knowing that they paid forward in their own way.

We believe that giving doesn’t always have to be financial, and that everyone has something to give – Time, Effort, Love, Money, Knowledge.






In 2015, our founders had a discussion around the importance of paying forward to the community. We shared a concern that many young people are waiting until they have “made it” or consider themselves successful, before they start to engage in community development projects.  We decided not to sit and complain about issues in the society, but to bring people together to solve some of these problems.

We want to serve as inspiration to the next generation watching what we do, and how we impact our world, beyond professional success. Instead of relying solely on donors, we also invest funds from our personal pockets & businesses into these projects. 

What we have achieved over the past years

We’ve run code classes for teenagers, teaching basic programming to teens, and partnered with schools on their service learning projects. 

Beside our founding team, is an incredible team of self-less volunteers who ensure that our projects are executed properly within planned timelines.



These are the brands we have worked with, over the past few years, to achieve our mission.


With the support of our partners, we have worked on really impactful projects in promoting poverty alleviation, quality education, creativity and innovation, and period poverty.

Art For A Cause

Art For A Cause is a project created to inspire and educate children using art as our medium of communication. We believe that Art is a very powerful medium to enhance creativity and learning amongst students, and keep them inspired throughout their time in school. We use a design thinking approach to create art that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional within the educational environment. Together with a team of artists, designers, and volunteers, we visit public schools to execute this art in the form of murals, props, and installations. In addition, we spend time with the kids, engaging them in activities such as – spelling bee, arts & crafts, and creative workshops.

We also distribute free merchandise, books, bags, crayons and drawing books to the kids. Through Art for A Cause, we find avenues to assist creative talent within the public school system. We have plans to host an exhibition that curates artwork from the various talented kids that we have come across, and generates sales to assist them in furthering their education. Since the inception of Art for A Cause in 2016, we have run the project in 15 schools in Nigeria and 1 in Sri Lanka reaching approximately 15,000+ kids.


Love Box

Love Box is a project focused on strengthening the virtues on which society stands, virtues that are fast decaying. Love Box is growing love, lending a helping hand and showing care. It is us as individuals rejuvenating and working in the capacity of our humanity to build hope. It is our honest thoughts and good wishes fluttering in a box to a stranger unknown but needful of it. Love Box launched in 2016, and since then we have given 5000+ boxes to people in need. On one hand, Love box focuses on giving gifts to people who are often overlooked in society. On the other hand, the love box project also acts as an engagement between the Haves and Have not, as we engage Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, and upper-middle class individuals who ordinarily are too busy to interact with our recipients.

These packages are delivered spontaneously to people who help us in our daily lives, but are not expecting these random acts of kindness – fuel attendants, road cleaners, traffic wardens, shoe shiners, mechanics, road side carpenters, etc. This project has tremendously impacted lives – theirs and ours. As part of Love Box, we also run food drives where we come together to prepare and distribute meals and non- perishable food items to the hard working individuals in our communities who contribute to our daily ecosystem.


Fund The Flow

In 2020 during the COVID 19 Pandemic, we started #FundTheFlow as a response to the unavailability of sanitary pads in rural communities. Sanitary pads became a luxury good, and many parents were forced to choose between feeding their families, and sorting out sanitary pads for their teen girls. We created a campaign around the idea that “Periods do not stop for Pandemics, every girl needs a Pad.”. This campaign birth #FundTheFlow, where we embarked on a journey to reduce period poverty in selected communities in Lagos.

Together, we can ensure these vulnerable girls and women maintain good menstrual hygiene and reduce the risk of getting hygiene-related infections from other substitutes they may be using such as toilet roll, old newspapers or pieces of clothing. We have since distributed over 10,000 sanitary pads across women & girls living in vulnerable communities.


Partner with us

We are excited about building Socially Africa with everyone who wants to leave the world better than they found it. Because of our collective effort, many people will have opportunities they never imagined were possible.



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Be Good, Do Good, and Inspire Good.

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